How to fix Windows 10 shutdown issue


Some of  Windows 10 user nowaday may have Windows 10 shutdown problem during they using. Anyways all electronics device or systems will have problem during we are using it as long as we use depending system processing. But don’t worry today we will solve this problem for you to getting you quick shutdown working normally back what you have to do just follow on my steps. We bring up commons solutions for you in this article i may help you full.


How to fix windows 10 shutdown problem

There are three method of fixing your windows 10 shutting down issue. Let’s start fixing process and following me.

Method 1: Device Manager

click on start icon or windows icon search for Device Manager and open it up to configure change to fixing your shutdown issue. After you had opened the device manager then just double click on System device after the system controller will appearing so you have to find the Management Engine Interface and double click it.

How to fix windows 10 shutdown issue

How to fix windows 10 shutdwon problem

After you had double click on Intel(R) Management Engine Interface ready it will appearing other windows come up so just click on Driver tap then click on update driver button then other windows will pop up so we have to click on Search for Automatically Updated driver Software then it will be automatic updated your driver and fix shutting down issue on your computer.

Method 2: Power Options

In this method you will configure change the power options to fixed the problem on windows 10 with shutdown issue and it work well for you to get shutdown back. First click on the windows icon or start and search for Power Options after open it it will bring you to power option configure system. At left side of its click on choose what closing the lid does.

How to fix windows 10 shutdown problem

after click Change settings that are currently unavailable to fix the problem system that are not available after that uncheck the Turn on fast startup (recommended)  and then click save change button to save this change.

how to fix windows 10 shutdown issue

Method 3: Command Promt (Admin)

This method we use command promt (admin) to fix change system of windows 10 shutdown issue, Right click on windows icon and click on command promt (admin) after type this in command promt : powercfg h off then press enter after type exit and press enter to exit this command.

How to fix windows 10 shutdown problem

Now we had done of how to fix windows 10 shutdown issue, we hope this methods will help you to fix yours if it work with you share this contents with your friend to let’s them know about this too. Watch videos for more details



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