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Samsung Internet Browser 8.2 beta update bring new features

The Samsung internet browser knew as the best browser for the Android internet browsing apps. Because it supports the extension that Amazon assistant to find the best deal on Amazon and the ad blocking support.  Yesterday Samsung has announced the few new features of the beta version for Samsung Internet browser 8.2.

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This beta update includes the new Do Not Track mode, faster downloads from parallel downloading, Quick Access sync, and an updated Chromium engine. It could be the fastest browser the Android 5.0 and later on of the Android version.

The New Feature On Samsung Internet Browser 8.2

This update also comes the new optimized for the faster download file feature. This new system will split each download into smaller chunks in which it can download separately at the same time. The chunks will all be downloaded at the same time in parallel connections. Samsung said that download speeds can be increased up to 15-40% faster depending on network availability and system configuration.

Samsung internet browser 8.2

The next new feature is Quick Access Sync. This allows for the quick access bookmarks saved to be synced between devices using Smart Switch. Those who factory reset or switch phones a lot will find this handy. Smart Switch is Samsung’s backup and restores software which also allows for you to transfer data between iOS and Android devices. Smart Switch will now back up and transfer these bookmarks.

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The beta version of the Samsung Internet browser 8.2 updates is now available to download at the Google Play store. It can be download for anyone who used the Android device.

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