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How to do Off Page SEO to get Rank On Google 2017

How to do off page seo to get rank on google 2017

Off page seo is really importance for Bloggers to growing blog and get more organic traffics to visit blogs. In this off page seo to get rank on Google guide will walking you to the right ways of doing off page seo for your website to get better ranking on Google or another search engine too. Every bloggers must done all of these steps if they want to rank their website well on search engine such as Google as well.

What is Off Page Search Engine Optimization?

Off page search engine optimization ( Off Page SEO) is one of the most popular strategies that every bloggers are now practices on their blogs nowadays and this methods are working well to help website growing up and earn more traffics on website. Off page seo mean you doing seo strategies out of your website, and Google ranking factors are recommended bloggers to done it on their blog to get better ranking their website on Google search.

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How to do Off Page Seo to get Rank On Google For 2017

There are commons ways that you can do an off page seo to get rank on Google, all of its will help you to grow, we highly recommend you to done all of this steps if you want to make your website become better rank on search engine sites in every single step there are the niche to help your website growing.

#1 Strong Social Media Connection

As you know there are a lot of people around the world that using social network so it is an opportunity that you can make your blog growing from the people around the social networking by sharing your article on your social fan pages it one off page seo strategies to get organic traffics to your website.

#2 Using Blog Directories

Blog Directories is a blog that allow you to post your article on their website to get more traffics to visit yours, You earn more extra visitors from blog directories by sign up to theirs and starting to share your contents there are a lot of bloggers are using this ways to growing their website, You can sign up to blog directories such as,…etc. This network will help your website to grow and it one of an off page seo to get rank on Google too.

Some Blog Directories list You can Use











#3 Join Forums to Get Backinks

Forums is the place that everyone can post questions and answers so that is really great place to build backlinks for your websites. Try to find the forums which related to your topics and sign up on their to join and field answer on it with the people that asking for resolve of an issues. There a lot of forums that you can sign up with, you can use this website to find out forums that related to your topics this website will help you to find the forums that are related to your website topics. You can post with your specific article links on that forums so that people will come with the right place to your article with their issues.

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#4 Links Building

Links building is the most important part of all seo strategies to grow you website, Link building in one of the most importance of 200 Ranking Factors by Google, Google has change algorithm to rank the website which has more linked by other websites so that why links building is really importance meaning that if you have more links on other guys website so your website will get more better ranking on Google. Try to build more backlinks from other website that are related to your topics is the best ways to rank your website will by Google.

#5 Do Follow Comments to Get Backlinks

Find out the website which are related to your topics and give them comments to get backlinks to your website. After the site owner approved your comments you will get backlinks of their blog. Try comments as much as you can to backlinks for your website, the more backlinks you have to better ranking. Field out your name email and your website url and type some commenting after click post a comment button then your commend will moderating for the site owner to approval it after they approved you will get backlinks.

How to do off page seo to get rank on google


#6 Broken links Building

This method you can find the website which are related to your topics and looking for a broken links that they have and then try to email them and ask them to replace to broken linked to your available link it will help you website growing and help your off page seo get rank on Google by links build sections.

#7 video sharing Backlinks

When you created tutoring videos that are going to publish on Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion you add you website address at the beginning of your videos to advertise your website to the visitor and you also can post your specific links at the description to backlinks on your website.

#8 Sharing Content On Social

After you had wrote the article you must share it on social media with you fans page to help your blog to get more visitors to come to visitors your blog daily. Keep sharing every single posted that had created to grow your audience on your blog.

#9 Social Bookmarking

Create Social Bookmark to help your blog off page seo to get better ranking on Google we highly recommend you to create social bookmaking as much as you can to to get better seo on your website and growing your website.

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