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How to increase Website page speed load to make seo friendly and get Ranking

How to increase website speed load to make seo friendly

In this article you will learn how to increase website page speed load to make seo frienly and get ranking,  Page speed load also one the the most important point of search engine optimization strategies that every blogger must understand to increasing their website speed load for more faster to get rank from search sites such Google and matched with ranking algorithm factors of google. This article will encourage you to increase website page speed load become more faster then it usually and also let’s you know where you can check your website speed, We will use the Google Developer insight tools to check your website speed load seo and what score are your website page loading. We also recommend you to configure your wordpress website setting and install plugin to get your website page speed load more faster.

Check Your Website Page Speed Load with Google Insights Developer

Now to check your Website Page Speed Load Scores you need to use this Google Insights Developer Tools. After you open up this page what you have to do is just type you website url in text field then click on Analyze button to see your page speed results. Google Insights Developer tools will tell you on your website which things you done very good and which things are okay or back and you need fix out from your website to speed it up your blog pages. Try to correct all the mistake on your website that Google Insights developer told you to help pages speed score and Search Engine Optimization friendly.

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How to increase page speed load to your website to get seo friendly

After you click on Analyze Button the results will coming up Google Insights developer will tell what you have to fix and you done greatly on your blog, Google will arranges the score by colors which Red ( mean you must fix on your blog), Orange ( You done with Okay it not too bad) and Greed ( You had done great and pass the roles).

How to increase website page speed load to make seo friendly

Anyways after Google insights developer tools we also bring you the tow niche ways that gonna help you to get more increase website page speed load more faster and become more search engine optimization friendly and Ranking your website.

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2 Extras Ways to increase website Page Speed Load

In this two extras method on how to increasing Pages Speed we highly recommend for the WordPress website builder because this method are working with wordpress only. It really simple to configure your website setting to help your page speed of your whole webiste in wordpress. There are two things you need to done such as basic settings and use plugin to increase page spead loading.

#1 Basic WordPress Setting to increase website Page Speed Load

First of all login to your wordpress dashboard and then at the left side menus just click on Setting > Reading  after reading settings will appearing so can scroll down abet then look at the Blog pages show at most by default it will show 10 posts so you need to decrease this value to 5 posts and also look at Syndication feeds show the most recent change this value to 5 too then click Save Changes. Now you will increase much page speed loading on your website.

How to increase page speed load to make seo friendly


#2 Using Wp Fastest Cache Plug In to help you increase page speed load on your website

Wp fastest cache is the plug in that allow you to install on your wordpress website and help you to cache data on your website and decrease your page size of whole blog. You can download this plug in from here  or you can download it directory on wordpress dashboard.

how to increase page speed load to make seo friendly

Download and Activate and configuration Wp fastest Cache plug in on your website to help page speed load growing up matched with Google Ranking Factors you website will improving the seo score level of ranking factors by Google.


Now you had done the ways of how to increase website page speed load and learn to configuring it to make your website become more search engine optimization friendly on Google and your increase website page speed load will give values on seo ranking.

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