How to Flash Samsung Mobile

How to Flash Your Samsung Galaxy Device

Samsung Galaxy Smartphone is running the Android and company are keeping development of the system update for their smartphone products every day. While the update has been released the user are sometimes do the update by manually or some of the users are do it by flashing their device. So today we are going to walk you throw the ways how to flash Samsung mobile. And within this article, I am going to details all of the requirement of tactics that helps you how to flash Samsung Smartphone device in the right ways. So let getting start………

How to Flash Samsung Mobile Device

There are several steps that we need to do before you can start flashing your Samsung smartphone. Such as the tools requirements and software that use to flash Samsung mobile.

Important Software for Flash Your Galaxy Devie

  • Samsung Mobile Driver
First of all, you need to download and install the Samsung Mobile Driver to let your computer easy know and connect your smartphone to be flashed. When you installed the Samsung Mobile Driver ready it much faster to connect your device to the computer then just let computer finding your mobile drive and install itself. You can download and install it by going to the link that we provide below after download file to your computer and install it.

Download Samsung Mobile Driver

  • Odin Flashing Tool
Odin is a tool that we use it to flash Samsung mobile, It is a custom flashing tool that allows the user to flash Samsung mobile software update. So we need to download the Odin file and save it on your computer and we will ready to start flashing.

Download Odin Tool

Now the software requirement is you already have it on your computer then it the time that we can start flash our smartphone device software update.

Understanding Samsung Odin Options

how to update your samsung galaxy device Auto Reboot – You can use this checkbox option to set the device to automatically reboot once the device software flashing process is complete. Re-Partition – The option enables you to re-partition the device to its default state. It is especially useful if you end up partitioning your device and incur issues. Reset Time – Simply enables you to reset the flashing timer once the entire firmware flashing or rooting process is completed on Odin. PIT – Defined as the Partition Information Table, this button can be used with the “Re-Partition” checkbox to set a customized partition system on your device. You will need to specify a .pit file to flash with Odin when using this button. Bootloader – This button is used to flash a custom bootloader to your Galaxy device. You will need to procure a compatible bootloader file and insert into Odin to flash it. PDA – The main button that the majority of users will be using no matter what Odin version to use, PDA helps to flash firmware build to the device. Simply press the button and insert the compatible Samsung firmware or custom ROM that you want to flash on to your device. Phone – This refers to the baseband/modem version of the device. CSC – Referred to as Consumer Software Customization, this button is intended to help you add a CSC file to the device. These type of files contain details such as regional or carrier specific files which may include APN/MMS settings for the carrier.

How to Flash Samsung Phone Update

We bringing the most powerful methods of the flashing to help you do with the right ways. It is really important for you to be done with your device avoid from the issue and damage of your smartphone. 1. Turn Off Your Phone 2. Switch your phone into Download mode To switch your Samsung Galaxy smartphone into the download mode you need to press ( Home + Volume Down + Power ). You need to press at the same time then you will see the warning screen come up so you need to press volume up button to turn your device to the download mode. how to flash Samsung mobile 3. Connect Your Galaxy Device to computer 4. Open up the Odin tool that you have downloaded 5. Add firmware file into the Odin tool To Add firmware file into Odin you need to have the firmware downloaded and locate it anywhere on your computer. After that, you need to click on AP button to add the file for flashing your device. How to flash Samsung phone 6. After you had already added the file then it is the time that you can click on Start Button to be flash Samsung Galaxy Smartphone device. After that have to wait a few minutes for the flashing progressing to be done. During it flashing your device may restart. Now you are done with how to  Flash your Samsung Mobile and it enjoys using the new software you had flashed on your device.    

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