[7 techniques] How to do On Page SEO in Blogger website Updated 2017

How to do on page seo in blogger website

As you know Do On Page SEO in Blogger Website can help your website get better ranking with Google, So this article will help you to pass that important things that are required to be done yours. Do On Page Seo in blogspot website will make your posted article seo friendly to ready get rank by search engine so to do that you will have to learn the completed seo strategies to help your website ranking bettery.

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How to Do On Page SEO in Blogger Website (Blogger)

In this article we bring you the completed ways to Do On Page SEO in Blogger website for better seo and help your ranking on search engine sites such as Google. You must done all of the techniques that we will listing bellow to improve your seo score of your website. Do Page Seo in Blogger website is great ways to get ranking by search engine sites because ranking algorithms of search engine such as Google are crawling your on page seo such as spelling and your on page seo techniques as well before get ranking of any website. So to get that things you have to follow the steps bellow it will help you to get on page seo friendly by search engine or Google.


#1 Do Benefit Keyword Research

You have to do keyword research to get suggestion of your main keyword from keyword researching tools such Google Keyword Planner or other tools. If you don’t know to do keyword Research you have to read the full article that tutoring you about doing keyword research here Read Now.

#2 Meta Descriptions Optimization

During you are writing the article to post on your website the beginning of article it called meta descriptions then you must including your keyword between 100 words of the descriptions to get better score of on page in Blogspot website and also help your website ranking as well we highly recommend you to done that within your new article before published.

#3 Heading Tags Optimization

Heading Tags Optimization is the most important for very article to make seo friendly by search engine sites, Every search crawler are crawling everything in your article before it rank your contents such heading tags optimization, meta descriptions and all the techniques that you will follow in this article. So you must have two subheading tags <h2> in your article at lease to make your on page seo in Blogger website more better.

#5 Image Optimization

By doing Image Optimization you increase more seo score in your article and will get better ranking on Google too, it can help your article become more seo friendly. So during you writing the post content you will add some images to make your article looking more better and design and it also can improve your seo too by adding it. After you added images in your post then you have to click on it after you will see Properties under the image that you had clicked. What you have to just click on properties to Adding the Alt text for your images, this Alt text will help your seo more friendly. Example If your article talking about How to keep your dogs clean so in alt text you should say key your dog clean or you can write full of your article title too. Anyway in alt text you can type your keywords on it then click save.

do on page seo in blogspot website

#6 Internal Links Building

To build internal links in your article you need to find the sentences which are related to your previous article then link it to your previous one. You build as much as you can to help you on page seo in blogger website more friendly , the more internal links you have the more better for your article to get rank by Search engine.

#7 Permalink Setting

In Blogger or Blogspot permalink by default it will automatic made permalink for you but that is no good idea to make an automatic permalink for you post article it will effective to your ranking and your article will not ranked by search engine because the permalink is not done very well for your article. In this section we suggest you to custom one and including your keywords into it to make your seo better and also your On Page seo in blogger website will become better score after you included your keyword customize it click on Done button so now you ready to publish your article on your website with best seo score.

How to do on page Seo in Blogspot Website


By doing On Page SEO in Blogger website will improve your blog article getting more better seo score and will get ranking by Google and other search sites. Follow all of this steps will give your article values with seo strategies and matched with ranking algorithm by Google.




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