How to create Quick Shutdown on Windows 10


Today we will walking you shrew the ways of how to create quick shutdown on windows 10. Now-a-day Microsoft release the new operation systems called windows 10 and you may knew and may using it now-a-day too and you may having issue of shutdown your PC and  wondering how can i create quick shutdown on windows 10?. Because it a bit difficult to turn off the computer and take more times to shutdown windows. But anyway we have found the way that quick and pretty easy of how to create windows 10 quick shutdown and simple just clicking shutdown. This method is hide to every computer users that down about inside source code now we are lucky to get start to make shortcut of shutting down to computer on windows 10.

Method # 1. Create Windows 10 quick shutdown shortcut


Step 1. Turn on your computer or laptop

Step 2. After your computer processing well now ready to create a quick shutdown for your windows 10

Step 3. On desktop right click choose add new and create shortcut

Step 4. Type this words in text field shutdown –s –t after click on next button

Step 5. Give name of this shutdown, I am going to give this shortcut shutdown is “shutdown” You can create the name whatever you want to make.


create quick shutdown on windows 10
How to create windows 10 quick shutdown


Method # 2. Make Windows 10 quick shutdown

 how to create quick shutdown on windows 10

This method of windows 10 quick shutdown is very easy and really fast, what you have to do press the key of your computer keyboard only and easy to shutdown I really like this one of the method windows 10 quick shutting down.


Press: Alt and F4 together in the same time then windows will show up shutdown this way you can also restart your computer or make sleep it too, the shutdown will default at first screen to shutdown just click on button or press enter to agree of shutdown.


Now you have done the ways of create a quick shutdown on windows 10 this method it may also can use at other Microsoft Windows too as like windows 7.

We hope this method will help you to make easy ways to shutdown the computer of windows 10.

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