What Should You do before apply to Adsense Program for 2017

what should you do before apply to google adsense program

Many Bloggers get rejected from apply to Adsense because they do not practice the correctly rule of Adsense privacy police. So they’re start wondering how to get fully approval from Adsense to monetize ads on their website, To earn extra money from their blogging job but it isn’t because Google Adsense program had rejected. So What to do before apply to Adsense program? there are a lot of ways to do before you apply for adsense program to match with adsense program privacy policy we will give you details of all information on how to do on your blog to get approve from Google adsense it will help bloggers to get approve from this advertising network to growing your blogging job.


What should you do before apply to Adsense program

what should yo do before apply to google adsense program

This article will walking you to the right ways of apply for Adsense program and getting fully approval from it. You have to follow all of steps on your website before apply to Google Adsense program and fix all your mistake on your blogs to help you to the ways and matched with Adsense privacy policy. Now let’s learn how to do on your blog before you going to apply for adsnese.

Website Good Looking Design : You must have to choose very good theme on your blog to make attract to visitor who are visiting you website every people are like good design things and if your blog is have very design you will get an attractive to your visitors we highly recommend you to choose a very nice theme to install on your blog Google adsense also require you to every nice looking theme on you blog.

Bring Good contents to post on your website : You have to bring a very good article to post on your blog fully description to tutoring your audience what you going to tell them but remember google like long article try to write as much as you can of your article and give your audience the value idea and concept to make feel want to read more on your articles. You must have at lease 30 contents before you are going to apply for adsense program.

Pages you must have on your website : You must have About, Contact and Privacy policy pages at lease, this few pages are really importance that Google Adsense program required you to have on you website before you are going to apply on their program.

Using Images on Posts : You can’t using many images in your posts more then article writing you have to write more words in your article then using images otherwise Google adsense will not approve you application.

You must writing original article on your website : You must bring your own ideas of your article to published for your website we highly recommend you to do this thing, You can’t copy and past other people article to post on yours Google will reject your submitted application if you do not the original contents on your website or you just copy other guys article and past it on your to post an article, Google has indexed all of the website sites or blogs data so Google know that oh, this article is copy from this blog or this website.

Your Website must Not Talk about Hacking: To get Adsense approve your article must not talking about hacking somethings.

Make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques on your website

Why we should do search engine optimization on our website before apply to Google Adsense program? Well, it is the most importance part that every bloggers must do on their website because this techniques are help your blog to growing more visitors everyday, if you don’t have visitors to visit your blog even Google adsense approved your application there are nothing you earn from your blog we create a blogs because of visitors and visitors are the life blooding of your website business. So that why doing seo on your website is really importance yow will wondering, How can you do to get more visitors come to visiting your blog daily? There are a lot of seo techniques you must do on your website get more traffics on your blog. We will list all of the details seo techniques that you must on your website to ranking on Google or other search engine sites for visitors come to your blog.

On Pages Seo techniques

  • Do Keyword Research
  • Add Image Alt text
  • Check density Keyword
  • Internal Links building
  • Keywords permanence place
  • Permalinks

Off pages techniques

  • Create social fans pages
  • Sharing article on social media
  • Social bookmark
  • Place website address from beginning of videos and share on Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion…..etcs

Links Building

Social Sharing

  • Always share after posted
  • Facebook
  • Twiteer
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Google plus ….etc

Practice all of these method you will earn more traffics to your blog and get approved from Google adsense program and start to earn money from you blogging job on your website. All of these techniques we highly recommend you to done it on your website to get ready for submitting your website on Google adsense program and will matched with their policy as well. Enjoy! your blogging…



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